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We are a radio station dedicated to share the Good News of The Gospel in order to feel the Joy of being saved.

    We spread the Gospel by helicopter

    In Madagascar, many villages are inaccessible by car or motorcycle. The only way to get there is by helicopter.
    With Helimission, we have set ourselves the target of 4 evangelization flights a year.

    In each mission, with a team of 5 people (pastors, evangelists, missionaries) for 4 days we share the gospel in the south-east part of Madagascar.

    We share the Gospel through local radio stations

    In Madagascar, we have set up 4 radio studios in 4 regions (Analamanga, Menabe, Vakinankaratra, Fitovinany) with the aim of producing evangelical radio programs that will then be broadcast everyday on local radio stations in these regions.

    A project with a big and real impact!

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